Unofficial Tree of life wikipedia project

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Unofficial Tree of life wikipedia project

Postby Flaf » Fri Nov 03, 2017 10:48 am

Hello, I would like to share with you my site, wikipedia for newbies. This is a free webiste for beginners players, for newbies, site under construction so please do not judge or hate. I do it for you guys, for free, wants to help inexperienced players get involved in this great game. The site is under construction so there are not too many there, almost nothing because I started to do it since yesterday and just learning programming, html and scripts but I know where to start and where to look for something I had about it in school as I was in computer science But I did not get involved in the subject before. I want to learn to program for you Tree of Life players to do for you wikipedie. I have permission from the devs of the game to make it and use screnshots from the game, steam community for wikipedi project.
[CM]Naso wrote:Hello, Mr. Bacon and Eggs - we're aware of this issue already! ;) CM RobynKrusoe posted 10/30/17 10:37:07
Hello Grzegorz,
Thank you for asking permission,
You are fully allowed to use visuals from screenshots taken ingame for your wiki.

May i suggest you to try contacting other players to help you in this project, on Steam Forum or Discord? I know a lot are willing to see an updated Wiki about Tree of Life appearing as it was asked many times, but it seems no one wants to make the first step or shared his links yet.

Thanks for your involvement in this project and in Tree of Life community.
Good Luck!

Your Tree of Life Support Team

If someone wants to help please send an email to or below in this topic, some nice screenshots of the game or send some information about the game confirmed by screenshots, current information about the game confirmed by screenshot because we already have wikipedie but they are outdated. As somebody wants to help somebody, I'm willing to write, I'm open to any kind of help. On my website it is underlined that this is an unofficial wikipedia created by the player so there is no doubt that it is my wikipedia, not official game wikipedia from OddOneGames but my, created by player wikipedia. Please forgive me for being ad on the advertising page but I am using a free host and this ad is paying for using their host ... I do it for free so I do not have to pay for hosting fees without ads. Have fun, the site will be updated daily so it will be helpful.
Link below:
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