Compendium of Guides/Information about Tree of Life

Here you will find all types of guides and How-Tos from other players or add your own
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Compendium of Guides/Information about Tree of Life

Postby ShadyHashtag » Sat Sep 30, 2017 4:30 pm

Greeting Fellow Lifers:

Within this post there will be a number of links which will take you useful information in regards to the game Tree of Life. If there are links which you would like added to the list please post them as a reply and I will look at them.

Compendium of Tree of Life

Official Links
Official Tree of Life Forums
Official Tree of Life Facebook
Official Tree of Life Twitter
Official Support Center - Report Bugs,Players,Etc.
System Requirements to Play
Influencer Program

Official In game Rules
Steam Community Forum Rules

Helpful Links
Current News, Events, Patch Notes
Unofficial Multi-Faction Discord
Crafting Guide and Materials
Mr. BoBoo's Seller's Manual

For the Crafting Guide and Materials - LynAmastacia for organizing it and putting it together with the information players have provided.
For Mr. BoBoo's Seller's Manual - The Smiling Bandit and Ryft
Unofficial Discord - Thank you to Mercy to getting the ball rolling on this!
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