Relic wars and mermans flag.

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Re: Relic wars and mermans flag.

Postby FlamingChipmunk » Wed Oct 25, 2017 12:35 am

The major problem with the relic wars now, as in the past, is lack of people playing on one side or the other. With the current imbalance of faction power being specifically related to the STAM glitch. The AC faction has a very distinct, unfair advantage because of all of the cheaters that have been allowed to prosper. While other factions continue to be ransacked. Driving players off in droves.

Another issue with the relics was the 10% added att/def. Everyone was fighting with the same exact weapons and the same exact armor. There was no way for an under maned guild to even get a foothold. And no one wants to play when you are playing with not only an army of less significant numbers, AS WELL AS the enemy having an advantage because of the relic.

Solutions were discussed in past threads. Relics spawning randomly in different locations. Limits on the amount of time a guild or faction could hold a relic....blah blah blah. But, with the current state of the NA map there is absolutely no way that there is a level playing field.

I do like the idea of gaining "blessings" from relics. Maybe offering tributes to the "Gods" of the server through items or coins deposited by the guild leaders. This would also allow smaller guilds to "save up" to attain the blessings they were really interested in. It could also be a faction wide blessing. Allowing a faction to work together for the cost of the blessing. But, then again, you would have people love me about "so and so" not helping or blah blah blah.

I do agree that there needs to be more faction/guild driven activities that are not completely sponsored by the GM staff. Something interactive that factions can choose to participate in as they see fit. This would also go a long way in improving inner faction relationships and encourage more feeling of community among the players.

I totally agree with your ideas about the flag wars. Allowing people a window to construct their own style base with a pre-determined number of walls and towers is great. But, with all of the base glitches that currently exist in the long would it be before people were discovering new ones to "outsmart" the game and again, gain unfair advantage over the rest of the server?

I'm sorry I'm not a little more positive. I like these ideas and think they would enhance the game and the community experience immensely. But, as of right now, I have little to almost no faith in the people running the show to bring about these type of exciting additions to the game, without causing more harm than good.
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