1st PvP Tournament: 3 vs. 3 (Server Europe)

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1st PvP Tournament: 3 vs. 3 (Server Europe)

Postby [CM]Cerus » Tue Oct 17, 2017 4:58 pm

Hear ya, warriors!

To find the strongest fighters of the island the World Tree has decided to organize a tournament.

The tournament will take place on the Server EU and will be repeated on Server America and Asia afterwards.

8 chosen teams shall fight against each other on the peak of a mountain so high, that no living being has ever reached it before.


[Event time]

  • Saturday, 21st October 15:30 CEST

[Event description]

  • The tournament format is KO-system.
  • 2 teams will fight at the same time (team vs team). The defeated team is automatically out.
  • Each team consists of 3 warriors from the same faction.
  • Each group must have at least one player with armor mastery on level 45 or higher
  • If a warrior gets killed, leaves the stage or falls from the mountain, he is automatically out.
  • All warriors are allowed to use any armor, item and weapon they bring to the tournament. But it is not allowed to leave the tournament and get new supplies.
  • Cheats and hacks will disqualify the warrior from the tournament (and the game).
  • Lateness can disqualify a team.
  • It is forbidden for other players to interact with the 2 teams during a fight or influence the fight while watching.
  • GMs are judges and will initiate the fights and intervene if necessary.

Winner Team
Each warrior receives
  • 1 Gold Coin
  • 1 Rare Mithril Weapon
  • 1 Rare Mithril Armor

2nd place
Each warrior receives
  • 30 Silver Coins
  • 1 Mithril Weapon
  • 1 Mithril Armor

3rd place
Each warrior receives
  • 10 Silver Coins
  • 1 Mithril Weapon


  • To enter the tournament, fill out This Registration Form
  • 8 teams will be selected. The other registered teams will be on a waiting list.
  • If a team disqualifies before the tournament, a team from the waiting list will participate on their behalf

Are you ready to fight for honor and glory on the highest mountain of Vegonia? Register your team now and be ready on Saturday, 21st October - 15:30 CEST.
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