Adventurer's Feedback Week 31

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Adventurer's Feedback Week 31

Postby OddAlice » Thu Aug 03, 2017 9:28 am

Hello Adventurers,
It´s me, Alice. I am back again and have some news for you.

During the last weeks, we have been collecting some of the most frequent questions from the Community. Wonpary from the game design team, has answered your questions and we are happy to deliver them to you today.
Adventurer´s Feedback Week 31
  • Q: The Relic War is currently not a fair system. It should be removed to make the game more fun.
    - From the official forum and the ToL Steam community
    A: The Relic War will be removed in the official version. We are going to polish the system and release it again in the future.

  • Q: Do the Devs consider dungeons and world-bosses in the future?
    - From the official forum and the ToL Steam community
    A: We are not considering the instance dungeon. We can put some secret treasures in the hidden places on the field, though. We are also thinking about adding world-bosses but cannot tell you when they will be implemented as of right now.

  • Q: The PTR test period was not enough to test all features. Some of us couldn’t even access the PTR during this period. We worry about all the game errors and bugs that we have seen and wonder if all of them can be checked and fixed by official launch.
    - From the official forum and the ToL steam community
    A: Don’t worry. You have one more chance to join the PTR. The developers are working on bug fixes right now. I am not saying that they will fix every single bug but they can handle most of the serious/noticeable issues until the official version is launched.

  • Q: By Official launch, there might be too many low-level players in the beginner zone and there might not be enough resources for everyone. Is there any plan?
    - From the official forum
    A: Yes, there is. The resource/monster spawn system will be modified a bit and tested, so that you will see more resources/monsters in the field.

  • Q: What happened to the Compass/MiniMap in the new version? Will it be added in the new Tree of Life?
    - From the official forum and the ToL Steam community
    A: The Compass has already been implemented and will be added in the Final Beta version.
  • Q: Is there any plan to separate PvP-server and PvE (non PvP) server in the future?
    - From the ToL steam community
    A: The idea of PvE/PvP servers is interesting but we do not consider it.
    In the world of ToL, the 3 factions are contesting but PvP should not be the essential feature. We are designing the game so that you can enjoy it even without active PvP (We have looked at the Community Feedback and have been discussing about PvP and concluded to remove the Relic war in the official version)

  • Q: The Warden Tree can be destroyed now. Does it mean that players lose everything if another player destroys it?
    - From the ToL Steam community
    A: Don’t worry, your belongings will not be gone. Even if the Tree is destroyed, you can still recover the buildings in the territory; the items stored in the buildings will also still be available after recovery.

  • Q: On the PTR, players level up the armor by taking damage on the character. In order to level up their armor they just have to stand and let NPCs hit them.
    - From the ToL steam community
    A: I agree it is a problem that someone levels up the Armors Mastery by standing still and getting hit by level 1 monsters. The Masteries and the formulae are being improved, so that you can practice Armors in “normal” activities.

  • Q: The taming system could cause problems when animals are arbitrarily claimed by someone either being a troll or just trying to level taming, as tamed animals can’t get attacked anymore - and it is currently very easy to tame them.
    - From the ToL steam community
    A: We see a bug that those animals stay tamed permanently. The effect fade away after a certain time and anyone can tame the animal again.

  • Q: When having more than 1000 HP, it takes a very long time to regenerate them naturally, so it would be great if food regenerates X% of HP.
    - From Discord Conversation
    A: When you are in a state of “Full”, the HP is regenerated by a % of your Max HP.

As of August 10, you will be able to see many of the improvements Wonpary mentioned with your own eyes.
New questions might arise during the Final Beta and also during the first week of the official Launch and the Tree Of Life CMs and Moderators we will be collecting your questions and feedbacks and deliver the answers with the next Adventurer´s Feedback in week 34 :D
Until then, we wish you a great time with the new and improved Tree Of Life!

We invite you to leave your comments in the discussion thread <HERE>!

Your Tree Of Life Team
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