[2017-02-02] Adventurer’s feedback

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[2017-02-02] Adventurer’s feedback

Postby OddAlice » Thu Feb 02, 2017 1:51 pm

Hello, adventurers,

It's Alice here! This week again, we picked some hot topics among the community, trying to answer your questions with this Adventure’s feedback

If you would like to read the last week's feedback, please go to:

Ok, let’s take a look.


Q1. I think the taming system has a big problem. Around my base, I am seeing many animals wandering, but I cannot tame or do anything with the animals because they have already been tamed by someone else. In theory, if I tamed every animal in the World, no one could do anything with the animals until all the livestock die of the disease and ‘clean’ animals are regened, which takes up to 3 days in real.
- From the official forum and the ToL Steam community

A1. I see the issue of the wandering livestock, not able to interact. As the system has not been completed yet, modifications and improvements will be made. Of course, our developers will fix the issue, too. Once the system is finished and thoroughly reviewed, then the feature will be updated on the live server.
- From Wonpary in the game design team

Q2. I got a suggestion about a PvE system: the field boss. Let’s say we got an Alpha wolf (the boss). He is a super strong wolf and capable of forming his pack, killing your livestock and trying to kill you with his minions. I got a piece of drawing to show you here:


You’d better beat the boss before the pack gets too large: the wolves will eat up the animals and leave nothing behind. And the Goblins could do the same: a Goblin Lord forms his horde, and they will gather and mine all the metal resources in the area. What do you think about this idea?

- From the official forum and a fansite

A2. I like the idea, and the drawing is impressive. It is great that the field bosses wander on the field, make their groups and threaten your life in the area, changing the environment.
Actually the Alpha wolf is more interesting than a typical big bulky muscle monster, waiting for you on the field. The system could ask you to set up your own strategy to deal with them: you kill them or you move out. I think that is more attractive than a common boss raid that you just kill a dragon and loot some items. The system could make the monsters “alive”, too.
I am going to talk to our developers about the suggestion.
- From Wonpary in the game design team

Q3. I am reading the feedback every week. Recently in the feedback, Healing, Outlaw areas and more changes were mentioned but the Relic war. I mean I read in the previous feedback that the Relics would be placed in the faction camp, not in my castle, which could make the siege and the defense less hard. I like the idea but still doubt that the improvement could be the ultimate solution for the problems. Tell me how the Relic war changes and what it will look like in the future.
- From the official forum and the ToL Steam community

A3. We are thinking hard to improve the system and looking for a solution. Actually we imagined a game system where every adventurer in the World participates in and fight against each other, having fun. The system, however, is not well-designed, we see one faction takes all Relics and no exciting circumstances have been made.
There is an optimistic view that many players would make the war working, but I think it is important to design a system that works with or without a number of participants.
We will think even harder to solve the issues: Relics and faction balance biased, the high cost of the wars, schedule of wars, etc.
I expect the improved Relic war will be released after quitting from Early Access.
- From Wonpary in the game design team

Q4. It’s nice to have new features in the PTR, but what about the upgrade cost for the Warden Tree and the tax? The upgrade cost and the tax are too expensive; the territory is small. Any changes made so far?
- From the official forum and the ToL Steam community

A4. Actually no values/stats for the Warden Tree have been modified in the PTR build yet. I can see the costs for the upgrade, the tax are high and the territory is small. It could be good to lower the required costs, but I believe it could also be great to make/improve the game systems with which you can collect the Coins more efficiently, having fun. Because it is so hard to get the Coins, you would feel the costs are expensive.
As we are going to have more monsters, and the difficulty for the monster species are re-designed, you will earn appropriate rewards after battles. Plus the new NPCs will be introduced: you could trade something with the NPCs and make a profit; you can also receive a reward from a quest. Moreover, we will have the Merman invasion later.
Regarding the size of the territory, we are discussing.
- From Wonpary in the game design team

Q5. Word from Wonpary
First of all, I like to say thanks to everyone who enjoy ToL.
Well, This section of “Word from Wonpay“ is (and will not be) a regular article: I just want to tell you something quickly.
The feedback is written with many text and not good to read (and to write, too) Also I like to show you something visually, so that we could show you what it is going on and share the moment with you that a progress is made.
Here comes my plan from the next week: Week 1 text feedback; another week for some pictures and images to show you; the following week for the written feedback again, and so on. You can request something like “what Chaya is doing now?” I will take a spy shot : )

Q6. The pic of the day: Alice’s choice
Lots of nice screenshots are on the Steam community! Let’s take a look. +_+





Ok, that’s all I have for now. See you next week!
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