[2017-06-15] ToL Developer's diary

Update/Patch Notes, Hotfixes and general Announcements regarding Tree of Life
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[2017-06-15] ToL Developer's diary

Postby OddAlice » Thu Jun 15, 2017 12:32 pm

Hello, adventurers! This is Alice!
Do you remember me, do you? I am very sorry that I did not give you any news so long. Actually we are working so hard on new ToL with no breaks!

Well, let me tell you what we are doing from now on.


Game design team

The team comes first for the first time! The team is making the improvements on the current system and the new systems, too. The new systems will let you play smoothly and comfortably. Of course, we are working on the game balance.

1. Achievement system
Sorry, this is nothing to do with the Steam achievement: in-game achievement system.
– In the previous diary, it was mentioned that we were making the Guide/Quest system. The achievement system is an improved feature of the Guide/Quest system.
- Achievement and Rewards: the system will guide you when you want to skill up a certain mastery, providing with useful information and suggesting appropriate goals. Also, it will give you rewards and the titles when you achieve the goals.
- Titles: when you make an achievement, you will receive a title. The title will be displayed over the character name, showing how great you are :)
- Tutorial: it will guide a newcomer to become a good adventure.

2. Improvements
- Shop: the commission is being adjusted, and “buy now” feature will be added: you will buy goods cheaper without a long journey to the Shop.
- Item sale: Mr. Boboo will buy your products, and you can earn Coins. He is generous, you know.
- Logging and Mining: you had to spend so much energy and time when logging and mining. If you are the master of Logging/Mining, you can collect the materials faster.

3. Game balancing
- Mastery: The required EXP for a mastery levelup has been adjusted. This will let you level up a mastery faster and easier in an enjoyable way.
- Item durability (armors and weapons): the stats and the formulae have been modified. Combat and Crafting will be less stressful!
- Economy: The team is working on improvements to the game economy so that the flow of "money" will be smooth

4. Faction system
- 3-faction system: as mentioned before, the neutral faction has been removed; it is Free-for-all. You will need to support your faction to defeat the enemies.
- Coordination: To help or receive help from your faction, we are thinking about new features: you would want to send a global request to your neighbors; you might summon your ally promptly when the enemy forces are coming, etc.

Apart from what mentioned above, we keep working on other improvements.

Program Team
We are focusing on the system improvements and optimization, as well as implementing the features that the game design team has created. Exciting new: one master programmer has joined our team, and the development process will be accelerated!

1. New game engine
- Optimization: the new engine has already been imported. For the best play experience, the team is working on the optimization. Also, we are catching some bugs. Let’s have a look at the image below:


2. Improvements on the game systems including Achievement
- The team is implementing the achievement system. Once the system is done, we are going to test and improve it.
- We have finished with the new Shop system and the item sale. Now the programmers are catching bugs and improving the UI

3. New game UI implementation
- The game UX: suppose that we got beautiful game UI but it is hard to use. We will not say it is complete: the developers are trying to make the game UI better and easier to use.
– Optimization: We are optimizing the system for a smooth and better-looking UI, using [strike]expensive[/strike] great tool.

The programmers are working on the optimization, bug fix, the new systems and improvements to the game systems.

Gmae Art Team
We are making new graphical assets and re-making the old items/objects.

1. 3D
– the weapons have been re-designed. You can see the differences between the arms: you will receive attentions from your friends when you have a great weapon!


Plus a new mount has been created. You can tame a reindeer and ride on it.


2. Concept art
– The artist is re-designing many objects. Have a look at the little chick and the veins:

We had adult chickens and young chickens only but we will have cute chicks!

In the old version of ToL, we got different types of the veins but could not see the differences between them in the distance.


Do you see the differences here?

The image below shows a new building. What is this for? Secret! We will tell you later what it is.


The team will be working hard! See you in the next diary.

Game service team

Good news for the EU players who feel uncomfortable with “English only” policy (and Korean): multi-language support will become available soon. The major EU languages such as German, French, etc will be available in the game and the community. Because we would like to listen to you more and increase the quality of the game service, we decided to support the multi-language service: the CM/GMs are joining the team very soon. The multi-language game client will take a bit longer, by the way.


- The tasks we are currently working on will not be added at once. Most of them are released with the upcoming PTR update, but the rest of them will be introduced in the future updates.
- The contents/plan could be changed during development. If any unexpected issue were found, the contents/feature would be paused temporarily or even dropped.
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