[Sale] Lunar New Year celebration

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[Sale] Lunar New Year celebration

Postby OddAlice » Thu Jan 26, 2017 8:25 am

Happy New Year, adventurers!
Is it bit late, you think? Well, the Lunar Year of 2017 begins on 28th, Jan :) For the celebration, the Lunar New Year promotion begins now. Please read the details for more information.

[Item Sales]
Schedule: until 2017-01-31 24:00 PST
Items: Barrel boat, Wild Zaka, Archaeologist's bag, Chef's bag, Pico, and Popo
Rate: 20% off
Go to download/file.php?id=1546

[How to claim the item]
1. The item will be sent to your characters in the 3 servers, after the payment is successfully made.
2. Run ToL and enter the game World.
3. Press E to open the inventory and click Collections
4. Give a right-click on the purchased item, then the item comes into the primary bag.
5-1. If you purchase the bag, you can give a right-click to equip.
5-2. If you purchase the mount or the pet, you will have to move it into a Quick slot to use.
6. Don’t worry: the item will not be destroyed or lost. Even after you delete the character, the item stays the same.

1. It will take 5-10 minutes to retrieve the item after the purchase.
2. When the purchase has been successfully made but you cannot see the item, please click the green button in the red rectangle to update Collections. If you still had an issue, please send email at support@oddonegames.com or contact@oddonegames.com.
3. The purchased items can be placed only in the primary bag (see the yellow rectangle) or a Quick slot. If your inventory is full, you could move the paid item back to Collections.


[Working hours]
During the Lunar New Year celebration, the customer support is not available. The service will be available again from 2017-01-31.
Lunar New Year celebration: 2017-01-27 - 2017-01-30

Happy Lunar New Year! See you in ToL.
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